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11th-Sep-2010 12:08 am - Gone for a week ♥
Hey guys ♥

Yupp ! Tomorrow is Saturday ;) *today what ever lol*
So my trip is tomorrow ! I can't wait , but at the same time i can't bear 6 hours of flight on an airplane ;O omg i've never been so long on a plane :S my max was 1 hour & a half !!
So wish me luck ! Am sorry there are no icons today :S I will do a batch when i come back at Thursday !

peace xoxo ♥♥
9th-Sep-2010 10:45 am - A Trip to London ♥
hey guys ;) whats up ? i know a day didn't pass for me to write another post am just super excited for sth !

Well the whole thing is that am going to London very soon :) Next Saturday by God's willing I can't wait ! this will be my first trip to Europe , i never ever travel out of Africa [ Egypt ] & Asia [ KSA aka Saudi Arabia ] so that's why I'm flattered ! My dad's taking me just for fun but he might have some work too , but I don't care I'm fine with sitting alone in the room and staring out the window :D I mean common ! I'll see a whole new world for me , People that talk , act , dress differently than me .I really want to take my laptop but I won't i wanna take a bigg break !

so my dad gave me HW to do -.- LOL jk ! He gave me a note of places to visit in London and told me to see when are their opening times and their tickets prices .
-Aquarium : this is one big thing am too excited for !! Its gonna have over 100+ different species of animals !
-London Eye : This will be lovely !
-Big Ben : ooh yes ! this is one thing i HAVE to see !
-Madam Tussauds : THE REASON I'M GOING ! I can't wait to see the wax figures ! Specially Miley Cyrus & Robert Pattinson ♥
-Trafalgar SQ. : I don't know much about this , but my dad says its a big place or street lol.
-London Zoo : This is gonna be fun too , I love animals , my dad says its the best Zoo in the world :P.
-Thames Cruise : A boat in the water :S not good.
-Lion King : Its a play i think or a show on stage , people say its M A G N I F I C E N T ! .
-Buckingham Palace : thats history ! excited though !
-Big Bus : I have no idea what that is , if its a bus or a place LOL

thats it ! As you can see we have a VERY busy week :)

Here are a few icons :)

9th-Sep-2010 01:03 am - Welcome to my world ♥
Hey everyone :) whats up ? * i might post again some graphics at night :P *
So this is my first post around here ! I want a personal blog so this is the easiest thing !
Here i'll share my Icons , Blends , psds , pngs ...etc i'll also learn to take photos , by taking shots and showing them to you :) I want you to enjoy everything around !
As a small start here are some icons :
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